Tourism Atherton Tablelands would like to acknowledge the concerned emails, confusion and feedback we continue to receive from the industry in regards to Tablelands Regional Council’s appointment of the Tamworth-based marketing agency C7EVEN to carry out “destination” marketing for the boundaries of its local government area.

We have been advised through our networks that there is a meet and greet event that will be held on Thursday, November 19 in Yungaburra to meet the industry. It is with great disappointment that Tourism Atherton Tablelands, which is an industry led tourism organisation with 90 plus members based within Tablelands Regional Council’s borders, was not invited to positively contribute as part of this meeting.

You can be assured that we will continue our role as the representative voice of the local tourism industry, working with local stakeholders as well as at a strategic level with the RTO Tourism Tropical North Queensland and Tourism Events Queensland.

Tourism Atherton Tablelands’ priority now is to better understand the work that will be carried out by C7EVEN on behalf of Tablelands Regional Council, without damaging the established brand of the Atherton Tablelands and causing visitor confusion.

Tourism Atherton Tablelands has been delivering initiatives for the last 34 years and we believe our marketing activities have not only supported our members, but have provided our visitors with factual, insightful information on our truly unique and diverse destination.

Our social media channels reached over four million people in 2019/20 while the website had half a million page views and the blog section, more than 70,000 page visits. More recent website statistics show a 30% increase in visitation, averaging 13,000 unique visitors each month. As well as our destination marketing activities, we also carried out valuable member engagement and networking opportunities for our industry. Coming up, we have a number of key projects that we are continuing to work on including the Discover visitor guide, social media campaigns and new experience led video to inspire the drive market.

Please note, the decision to award ratepayer money that supports tourism promotion to a New South Wales based organisation was done with no tourism industry consultation, despite a well-established brand and LTO in region. We have noted comments in recent media from Tablelands Regional Council that are not indicative of the achievements and work that our organisation, which is industry led and not for profit, has achieved on behalf of our members with a contribution from the council of $25,000.

While we have remained quiet and accept the decision that Tablelands Regional Council has made, we do take comments such as these, in an attempt to discredit the organisation and the work we have carried out for the last three decades with a highly respected industry led board made up of tourism owners and operators, as very serious and disappointing.

Now is an uncertain time for our industry and we ask that you continue to show your support for Tourism Atherton Tablelands to ensure our industry remains united and strong together over this critical period. It is also incredibly important that C7EVEN and Tablelands Regional Council are transparent of their activities carrying out destination marketing, just as Tourism Atherton Tablelands has always been. We look forward to seeing the campaign activity they have planned over the next three years roll out to support our members and the wider tourism and business communities.

For more information on C7EVEN, please visit their website:

For more information on Tourism Atherton Tablelands, visit:

Please find below copies of our last three annual reports that highlights our KPIs/deliverables in recent years. We are proud of the work we have accomplished and look forward to continuing to build on this with members and industry stakeholders.