Join us on Tuesday 23rd August 11:00 am at Atherton-Herberton Historic Railway for a member and industry networking event. 

This is a great opportunity to network with other members, hear the outcomes of the Atherton Tablelands Touring Map campaign, the results of the last 12 months marketing activity delivered by Tourism Atherton Tablelands and see the incredible work by the team at Atherton-Herberton Historic Railway.


Atherton-Herberton Historic Railway is located on John Street, Herberton.

Coming from Atherton,  at the end of the main street turn right down the hill, over the grid.  Normal parking is over the track but for this event, park along the tyre wall near the workshop. 

Atherton-Herberton Historic Railway
A not for profit organisation formed , run and managed by a group of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to bringing our 107 year old railway history to life for the benefit of the Atherton Tablelands community and visitors.