The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is a database of travel product. It enables tourism operators increased online exposure by delivering their product across ATDW’s growing distribution networks, such as:

To view the full list of current distributors visit the ATDW website.

There are many benefits to list on the ATDW:

  • You control your product listing information that is dispersed across various distribution channels
  • You only need to submit your product information once
  • It’s a simple and easy way to get your product listed on multiple websites, nationally and internationally
  • An extremely cost effective online distribution strategy
  • Increased exposure of your product.

To get listed, you can apply online via Tourism and Events Queensland myATDW website.

As a member of Tourism Atherton Tablelands, you will receive a $50.00 discount on the annual fee.  Contact to receive your code to take advantage of the discount.

Event listings and natural attractions are free and can be coordinated through Tourism Atherton Tablelands by using the New or update ATDW Product .

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2 Years FREE ATDW Listing

Membership with Tourism Atherton Tablelands also includes complimentary membership with our regional tourism body Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ).

To assist the industry to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, TTNQ in partnership with Tourism and Events Queensland are offerring all members of TTNQ 2 years FREE ATDW listing.

We encourage all financial members of Tourism Atherton Tablelands to take advantage of the excellent opportunity.

Mountain Biking Tourism

Mountain Biking Tourism

Mountain Biking Tourism

The Atherton Tablelands offers a world-class mountain biking experience for visitors.

Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park and Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park are significant draw cards for these visitors and many arrive without clear information as to how to access not only the parks but other iconic cycling trails.

The website, developed and maintained by the region’s economic development body Tablelands Futures Corporation is a central resource for the community and visitors to obtain the information needed to visit the designated mountain parks, skills parks and other cycling trails.

Key Information

  1. Trails website –
  2. Encourage visitors to access Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park via the Atherton Trailhead and Skills Park at 1 Vernon Street, Atherton.
  3. Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park is well signed and accessed from the Kennedy Highway,approximately 13 klms from Mareeba
  4. Park Alerts are maintained by the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing and links to these alerts are on numerous pages of
  5. There are a growing number of tour and bike hire operators to assist visitors to explore the trails and hire equipment.
  6. Mountain biking is an activity for all ages – not just for the serious riders. Review the trail grades to be familiar with which trails may be suited for the visitor. Link to trail grades

Cyclists Welcome

How to engage with Tropical North
Queensland’s emerging cycle tourism market.

Publication produced by Tablelands Futures Corporation.

Wet Tropics Toolkit

Wet Tropics Toolkit

Wet Tropics Toolkit

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, the oldest tropical rainforest in the world, stretches from west of Townsville to south of Cooktown, and offers visitors the opportunity to take part in adventure activities, engage with Indigenous culture and enjoy natural surroundings and wildlife.

This dedicated marketing toolkit has been developed to assist tourism operators in the Wet Tropics region to inspire visitors to stay longer and discover the incredible diversity of experiences in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Tourism businesses located in the Tropical North Queensland and Townsville regions may wish to access the toolkit’s resources in order to encourage visitor dispersal across your region, increased length of stay and grow overnight visitor expenditure.

 The marketing toolkit includes inspirational content which is available to tourism operators to use in their own marketing, including imagery; video content; facts and figures and marketing copy.

Industry Terms

Industry Terms

Industry Terms

Agent – A person or company that sells your product on your behalf, including inbound tour opertors (ITOs), wholesalers and retail agents

Allotment – A pre-negotiated number of seats/rooms/vehicles held by a wholesaler/inbound operator

Business tourism – Incorporates visitors who travel for conventions, conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, incentives, exhibitions and special events

Commission – The fee paid to agents for them to market, distribute and sell your product

Cooperative advertising – Advertising placement costs are shared between advertising partners

Distressed inventory – Unsold product

Distribution – The channels through which a consumer may purchase your product

Ecotourism – Nature-based activities that foster visitor appreciation and understanding of natural and cultural heritage, and are ecologically, economically and socially sustainable

Familiarisation (famil) – Provides trade and media representatives with the opportunity to experience your product first hand

Free sell – A room, seat or vehicle provided by an operator to a wholesaler or inbound tour operator in unrestricted quantities, until otherwise indicated, so a booking may be confirmed immediately to a client

Frontline staff  – The agents that deal directly with consumers including retail agents and reservation staff

Fully independent travellers (FIT) – Travellers who plan their own travel arrangements. There are a number of types of FIT including visiting friends and relatives, backpacking, and partially- packaged travellers

Gross rate – Also known as rack or door rate – the amount consumers pay for your product

Group inclusive travellers (GIT) – Travellers who purchase the bulk of their holiday arrangements before leaving home. Also referred to as package travellers

Inbound – People from overseas travelling to Australia

Inbound tour operator (ITO)  – An Australian-based agent who specialises in developing programs and itineraries for distribution channels. Also known as ground operators and destination management companies (DMCs)

Incentive travel – Incentive travel is a trip offered as a prize or reward, for top-performing employees or sales agents

Nett rate – Gross rate less the commission, which is the amount you receive from the agent

Online distribution – Using the internet and web portals to distribute or promote your product to consumers

Online travel agent (OTA– Allows consumers to check live availability and pricing, and then book travel products in real time through the OTA website

Operato– The owner and/or manager of the tourism product

Outbound passengers/guests – People travelling overseas from Australia

Product manager – Responsible for identifying and selecting the products and suppliers that an ITO or wholesaler will sell

Realtime inventory – Details of rooms, vehicles, tour places or venues stored in the database of an online booking system. Details include the total places available and number of places sold for each day/date. The inventory is kept up to date automatically and inventory reports can be requested at any time

Retail travel agent – The link to the consumer. Retail agents book travel products for travellers either through a wholesaler, an ITO or direct with the supplier

Sales calls – Face-to-face meetings with agents. Purposes may include to update and educate them on your product; negotiate inclusion in their programs; or negotiate rates

Sustainable tourism – Tourism that can be sustained in the long term because it results in a net benefit to the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of the area in which it takes place

Travel trade – A collective term for the agents that make up the distribution system including ITOs, wholesalers, retailers and online agents

Visiting friends and relatives (VFR) – Visitors whose main purpose is to visit with friends and relatives

Wholesaler – Wholesalers located in overseas markets and are the link between international travel agents and ITOs or suppliers

Tourism Acronyms

ABS – Australian Bureau of Statistics

AFTA – Australian Federation of Travel Agents

AS– Aussie Specialist Program

ATD– Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

AT– Australian Tourism Exchange

CR– Cooperative reservation system

FI– Fully independent traveller

FOC – Free of charge

ITO – Inbound tour operator

IV– International Visitor Survey

NV– National Visitor Survey

OTA – Online travel agent

TR– Tourism Research Australia

TXA – Tourism Exchange Australia

VFR – Visiting friends and relatives

Destination Brand

Destination Brand

Atherton Tablelands Brand

The Atherton Tablelands Brand strengthens the region’s position and awareness as a tourist destination.

Brand integrity strongly relies on the consistent and accurate application of its visual material across all mediums. 

To leverage from the destination brand local tourism operators and the business community are strongly encouraged to support and use the new Atherton Tablelands Destination Stamp across their own business to ensure the Atherton Tablelands is represented in a consistent way to consumers.

Examples may include brochures, flyers, events, etc.

To obtain a hi-res version of the Atherton Tablelands Regional Promotion Stamp,

The destination brand is used on Tourism Atherton Tablelands marketing collateral only.