Destination Websiteongoing activity

The destination website is a significant marketing tool for the region. Over 60% of visitors to the website access the site via mobile devices.  Total average visitors to the website:

  • 12,000 visitors 2018/19
  • 10,500 visitors 2017/18
  • 10,000 visitors 2016/17

Social Media – DiscoverAthertonTablelands – ongoing activity

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Blogs & Media Releases ongoing activity

Regular articles, blogs and media releases showcasing the destination, experiences, products, corporate news and activities.

Industry Workshops ongoing activity

Corporate Website ongoing activity

Launched in 2015, the corporate website (separate to the destination site) includes corporate information, industry information and resources for members and the wider community. The site was completely rebuilt in 2019.

Mobile Billboard (2017)

Tourism Talk (2015 – 2017)

Tourism Talk monthly column in The Advertiser and Tablelander Newspapers (alternate months) was delivered in partnership with News Ltd to build awareness of the industry and Tropical Tablelands Tourism.

Yungaburra Association Inc (2017)

Provision of imagery and branding elements for Yungaburra Association Inc tourism working group producing a video for TV and print to promote Yungaburra as a weekend getaway destination. 

Mareeba Tourism Taskforce (2017)

An initiative initiated by Mareeba Shire Council and managed by Mareeba Chamber of Commerce, the Mareeba Tourism Taskforce group delivered a number of initiatives to build awareness within the Mareeba community of the significance of tourism for their region. Tropical Tablelands Tourism strongly supported this initiative and was an active member of the group.

Domestic and International Trade Engagement

Subject to annual budgets, domestic trade engagement is conducted through sales trips and ongoing contact with agents with the aim to continue to build awareness of the destination and the provision of self-drive itineraries

Representation at Australian Tourism Exchange

The destination has been well showcased at the annual Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) event from 2011 to 2017. This activity is reliant on budgets and member products increasing their capacity to engage with trade partners.

Consumer Travel Shows

The Atherton Tablelands has been consistently promoted at all major Caravan and Camping Shows throughout Australia. Over recent years, attendance numbers at these shows are decreasing as travellers seek destination information via the internet increases and other activities are constantly being assessed to ensure our key self-drive market is aware of what the Atherton Tablelands has to offer.

Atherton Tablelands Tourism Fact Sheets (2017)

A series of fact sheets to address frequently asked questions, industry opportunities and background information on campaigns were developed and distributed to the region’s visitor information centre network. The aim of this initiative was to build consistency in providing accurate destination information regardless of which information centre the visitor went to.